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Waterloo Battlefield – The Lion Mound – Visitor Centre

Relive Napoleon’s last Battle. Journey to the heart of History in the Lion Hamlet.

6 fascinating attractions :

• The Battlefield Tour

Discover the historic tracks of the Battle Field from a 4 X 4 lorry with commentary (45 min.)

• The Lion Mound

Climb the Lion Mound to see the perfectly preserved battlefield where 300 000 men from 7 nations faced each other.

• The new film “The Story of the battle”

Find out how the Battle of Waterloo changed the course of European history.

• Bondartchouk’s film “Waterloo”

A selection of extracts from the film “Waterloo” by Sergueï Bondartchouk plunges visitors into the heart of the greatest hours of the battle that took place on 18 June 1815.

• The Panorama

A huge fresco, with impressive sound effects, makes you feel you are in the heart of the battle.

• The Wax Museum

Napoleon and his general staff on the eve of the battle, Wellington and Blücher.

At weekends in July and August, cavalry, cannon fire and infantry demonstrations are held to introduce visitors to and raise their awareness of the most vivid aspects of the art of war.

3 restaurants provide a welcome: the ‘ Bivouac de l’Empereur’, the ‘Cambronne’ and the ‘ Wellington Café’, which serve traditional fare in a warm and friendly setting. Finally, a specialist shop offers a wide selection of goods relating to Waterloo and Napoleon.

Route du Lion 315
1410 Waterloo
Phone: 02/385.19.12
Fax: 02/385.00.52
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